We believe that the best moments are found beyond your front door.

The scent of the spruce forest, the icy lakes, the warmth of a campfire, and the starry sky. Nature offers unforgettable experiences all year round, free from work stress and emails. Especially for children, nature is full adventures, starting from the nearest forest. And why not for adults too.

Here are some tips for big and small adventurers alike.

First things first

Everyone heading outdoors should familiarize themselves with Finland’s concept of everyman’s right. These rights dictate what you can and cannot do out in nature. The State Forest Enterprise’s page on hiking, Luontoon.fi , is a great source of information on all things related to hiking.

Where to go?

Anywhere! Finland is full of interesting and beautiful nature trails and hiking routes. You can use sites like Retkipaikka and OutdoorFinland to find locations in your desired region and read about other hikers’ experiences. Conservation areas, especially national parks, are popular places to experience nature, among both amateurs and veterans. We also recommend trying the wilderness cabins and winter adventure safaris of Wild Nordic.

What to bring?

Warm layers of clothes, wool socks, and what else? With these packing instructions, you can fill your backpack faster and more efficiently! The most important thing is of course food. Have a look at hiking meal tips and plan the meals for each day of hiking beforehand. This way you’ll be sure to have all you need.

Things to remember?

Licenses for fishing, hunting and using snowmobile tracks can be obtained from the State Forest Enterprise. Most of these must be paid for and can be acquired from the website Eräluvat.fi.




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